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The Philosophy Behind KeywordSpy's Look: No-Nonsense Keyword Research Above Anything Else

keyword researchAfter going over the mailed-in feedback by KeywordSpy’s support engine, we found out that the look of the keyword tool site has drawn a lot of mixed comments from users and observers alike.

From one viewpoint, it could be a minimalist keyword research and tracking tool, free of banner ads, laid out in a monochromatic hue, and its simple text and graphics combination complements their ability to be exported into Text and Excel files.

On the other hand, those who have been accustomed to looking to competing sites may find KeywordSpy a bit plain, somewhat unexciting and just plain number intensive. And yes, looking at our competitors, we can say that is has the least pompous in appearance among our fellow keyword research websites.

Whatever your opinion, the trail that KeywordSpy has led is still something that deserves a long, hard look. We believe bold graphics can always take a backseat to the most comprehensive keyword research and tracking that KeywordSpy offers, covering over 30 countries and information updated daily for tracking and 30 days for keyword research.

Looking at KeywordSpy, you’ll see that when it’s kept to a minimum, the facts get to you straight. Once you do your keyword research, you see the snapshots of your of URLs, which appear very small so as not to be intrusive, yet visible enough to elicit stares.

Then as you get further into the site, you get your ROI per keyword, the clicks they each get per day, the cost per click, and other analytics presented in straightforward, tabular fashion, and with minimalist status bars. There are no fanciful graphics that just take eons and eons to load. You demand topnotch information and the most comprehensive keyword research and tracking in the industry, and that is what KeywordSpy delivers.

So next time you consider using the other keyword research tool just because the colors make it appear that it’s brimming with life, and its pie charts give you effects akin to a 3D feature—think twice, cause it all could just be hyped-up fluff. Take a quick stop at the KeywordSpy’s website and you’ll get the utilitarian features of a dependable keyword research and tracking companion for your SEM, PPC and SEO needs.


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