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SEO Your Money's Worth

It’s always tempting to get on the dotcom bandwagon once in a while. But unlike in the real world, where you’re only up against a selected few… on the Internet front, you’re against volumes upon volumes of competitors. Next thing you know you’re up against a online retailer in West Bengal. And yes, they speak English, and excellent at it too, thank you very much.

The point is, it’s far too risky just getting lost in the commerce activity in the Web, just like a Mardi Gras in Rio. You paid a great amount of money for your web hosting, and to see that all go to waste just because you couldn’t zero in on your market because you failed to invest in keyword research is an awful shame.

Thankfully, you have your friends to turn to. And a dotcom businesses’ best friend—whether it be a bulldog or a chihuahua--is his search engine marketing (SEM) research tool. Primarily, you would rely on him for a good keyword research on your competitors. But then again, it’s also helpful if you’re able to implement tracking on his competitor's performance throughout time, watching your competitor’s every breath.

Another method would be the employing of affiliate clients. Affiliates make your placing in web sites more stated, adding to their SEO value. The more you are promoted, the more exposure your site will get from it. We will look at affiliate marketing in a more in-depth light in posts to come.

To sum it all up : be it old school SEO or costly but mileage generous PPC advertising, if you know the keywords to use in your copy, you get the market share you always hoped for. If you think you can rely on yourself to draw subscribers to your online web hosting joint in laid-back Tuscany, best of luck to you. Point is, if you have the means for it, make it worth your investment.


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