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How The Keyword Came To Rule The World

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Suddenly, everyone is realizing how much a premium position on the Net is important.

And this is all important to realize, since we all hail from the Internet generation.

I was in high school when the first dial-up services were introduced. For you to have Internet access way back then was a definite status symbol. And the joy of seeing websites was unparalleled. You would dream of actually making your own web site—which is what I, along with a couple of friends, did.

Looking back at that website, I could not help but surmise how the graphics were crude when compared to today’s standards. It wasn’t perfect: after all we were just catering to a select group of people, some people off to college and might not have the chance to catch glimpse of again until the ten-year get-together (All though social networking sites and IMs took care of that, but that’s entirely a different topic. Insert laughter here).

Anyway, the reason why we’re bringing this up is that the Internet has changed since those lowly times. Everything has come up on the web. Most significantly, online businesses, saving people time, effort and some gas in purchasing stuff.

And the recent recession has even helped the boom, as more people are realizing a work from home strategy can be done.

Yet only a few will ever succeed. And their level of success all depends on a powerful force in the Internet: The search engine.

Not all people will see website addresses. Many have employed creative ways, like some NBA teams post their URL’s on top of the hoops just in case they show an instant replay of a good play. Of course, that sight will only available to select group tuned into their TV sets at that time.

But with the search engine around, there is little need to memorize. They could just merely search for the topic, or the product online.

And more importantly, the use of keywords.

Admit it. We’ve actually typed a million keywords in our lifetime. When we needed the answer to something, or wanted to download a photo of a celebrity we had a crush on, we’d Google it. Or Yahoo it.

And everyone came to realize the value of keywords, creating a scene reminiscent of prospectors settling in California for the Gold Rush. The concept of SEO was born, and soon, PPC advertising, or SEM, followed.

And keyword research and tracking tools came to the fore. They came both in software and Web-based formats. All with their own unique strategies and operations. People would have to put out dough to avail of these complex services, but because of the wealth that these researches could provide, especially in the fields of SEM, PPC and SEO.

But it is important to note the effectiveness of your keyword tool. More so, the trust you can put on it to give you the best and most useful results out there. We are therefore grateful that a keyword research and tracking tool such as KeywordSpy covers the services in the most in-depth manner: it can research the PPC and SEO metrics of every keyword/domain, and it can track the PPC and SEO performance of a keyword over a certain period of time.

To be all nostalgic about it, a keyword tool such as this should be testament to how far we’ve come in the e-world. And our lives are better for it.


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Keyword and keyword research definitely are essentials to online marketing and should be done properly to really get results.

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