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keyword researchSEM and PPC is fast becoming a global phenomenon, much like anything else that has found its way to the Internet. Much as SEM and PPC have made their mark in American websites—with the proliferation of search engines specific to every country, paid competition has gone on a global level.

In lieu of this, you cannot just merely rely on a normal, generic keyword research tool anymore. You need something that will take your game to the next level. Just because Google and Yahoo are US creations doesn’t mean you should not consider advertising in them. For all you know, you might have competitors who are also operating in your area and might be using the SEM and PPC to their advantage, thanks to keyword research they have done on their end. Don’t you think you should, too?

KeywordSpy, a keyword research and tracking tool which taps into database of both PPC and organic keywords of every site, recognizes this. And what makes it more suited to use wherever in the world is its country-specific domains, which reflect the willingness of the keyword research tool to reach out and empathize with its market.

If one goes to any of the sites, the first thing he notices is the top part, with the logo and the search tab:

keyword research

In this example from the KeywordSpy Indian domain (, you can see that while it is similar to the top part of’s main page, the logo is different because of the different URL. In addition, the nation served by the URL (in this case, India) is already highlighted as the main nation to search for on the Keyword Research tab. Finally, the examples listed and hyperlinked at the bottom of the bar include actual Indian domains, and frequently search keywords in the nation. This adds to the localized feel of the site.

Another thing to note is the graphic underneath the toolbar. Let’s look at the version of it by KeywordSpy UK (

keyword research

While it mirrors’s version of the graphic that caters to the US market (it also uses the keyword “flowers” as an example), the demo graphic shows actual UK sites which are related to the keyword “flowers”. By incorporating local examples into the demo, KeywordSpy speaks to the heart of the customer, and imparts to prospective clients why they need this keyword research and tracking tool.

Finally, just to demonstrate how much the SEM and PPC phenomenon has caught on in other parts of the world, let us take a look at ads searched by KeywordSpy:

Italy (

keyword research

Brazil (

keyword research

Even if you’re not a linguist, you can tell that the techniques in constructing these ads take heavily from the US-pioneered style, from the inclusion of the keywords, to the conciseness of getting the message across. No doubt that the PPC method has taken the world by storm, and has become a language that has become as important as English, bringing in profits for those who can master its use.

And the presence of a site such as KeywordSpy helps us do research on our competitors’ SEM or PPC and SEO moves, wherever we are in the world, whatever market we are catering to. And the information we can get from it will help us set our corresponding counter-campaigns. With several domains that are country-relative, a database that stretches up to 17 countries plus a PPC search that stretches across nations, it is no wonder KeywordSpy is one of the leading SEM and keyword research and tracking tools today.


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