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Keywords of Wisdom for the Holidays

The best—or worst—thing about holidays is that people are out to spend more than usual. For those involved in SEM or PPC and SEO, that’s more-than welcome news. Therefore, if you have an online business that sells special items, cashing in on a period in time such as a holiday, or seasonal marketing and advertising, is something you ought to consider in your market research and strategy.

keyword research

keyword researchkeyword research

Another decision to ponder on while carrying out your seasonal advertising research and campaign is deciding whether to use PPC or SEO to draw holiday traffic—and buyers—to your site.

For a holiday, or a holiday item that entails people not to do much spending, hype about it, you may just want to settle for SEO for your seasonal keywords. It’s less expensive to employ compared to a PPC campaign, plus it can ensure that your site will get just about the right number of customers from the holiday market.

keyword research

keyword research

keyword research

For longer-period—or special shopping intensive holidays—like Christmas and Hannukah, SEM or PPC application for seasonal keywords would be more applicable. With so many stores competing for spots on the web, these appear as more sensible choices for seasonal advertising.

Of course, this mix of PPC and SEO involves a big amount of thinking. As we’ve said time and again, “words aren’t cheap”, and the genius of melding keywords together is a special skill only the smart and equipped are capable of.

And for SEM, there is no better way to be equipped than with a keyword research tool. The keyword research tool is like what a map is to a trail. It gives you the guidelines so that you don’t get lost in the wilderness. Especially during a special holiday.


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