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The KeywordSpy Tracking 2.0 Comparison Tool: Delivering Visually and Numerically

keyword trackingThe KeywordSpy Tracking Comparison feature—a new bonus from the KeywordSpy’s Tracking Version 2.0—is not an entirely new option in the field of keyword research and tracking. But how KeywordSpy does it is admirable in scope and unmatched in comprehensive scouring.

For starters, this groundbreaking feature cuts across countries and scours over 30 databases, making it the keyword research and tracking tool with the widest reach among all the behemoths of the industry.

Furthermore, it presents data in a unique graphical manner, which enables clients to get a better scope and overview of how they match up against a competing brand.

For example, notice the circular graph comparison above which was generated by KeywordSpy Tracking. The two circles represent the two competing products and the total keywords each one uses. When these two areas of the circle are within each other, this means that the said areas are keywords both domains are either bidding on (if PPC keywords) or using organically (for organic keywords). In this case, since’s circle is totally inside’s circle, all keywords used by the former are used by the latter.

For those who need their numerical and statistical fact fix of SEM, PPC and SEO metrics—aside from the already helpful graphical presentation—you can get it from the row located right below the space containing the circular comparative graphic presentation. These competing websites are segregated via tabs, providing individual metrics in a more specific and quantitative size-up, for your business research reports.

It provides the client ratios by which to measure profitability and visibility factor of the keyword, such as average CPC, average click per day, etc - very important factors when it comes to SEM, PPC and SEO strategies. All these keyword analytics are derived from Google API. All in all, this makes it a great blend of the graphical and the statistical, or the visual and the numerical, for your research.

With this new Tracking feature, you can now have a better picture of the real-time battlefield between you and your online competitors. You can avail of the KeywordSpy Tracking package at $89.95.

And if you thought that feature was convincing enough, imagine if you combine it with the metrics of the Research function by getting a Professional membership at just $139.95 (40% less than if you purchase both Research and Tracking separately). Now that’s one unbeatable keyword tool when it comes to your SEM and SEO research needs.


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