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New KeywordSpy SEO Plugin for Firefox: The Power of Page Supervision

keyword research
Ever felt sometimes that you have to keep watch over a page for SEM research and can’t risk leaving your choice keyword research tool just to do that?

It has been more convenient for people to actually do their research while away from the research page itself.

That’s why the direction for SEM or PPC and SEO research is heading towards portable software. It lets you be mobile and not just be pegged down to a page.

Yet sometimes traditional software can take a lot of disk space and memory. Thankfully, plugins have been developed, so the utilization and setup is less of a dilemma because it doesn’t take that long to load.

Moreover, with a portable tool such as a plugin, it enables you to take the site’s features with you wherever on the Net you may go.

On that note, KeywordSpy itself is introducing a new plugin that allows people to scout pages even while away from the site itself. This enables you to do a quick research of the keywords and other statistics of more than one site, without going through the trouble of typing all the domains one by one.

keyword research

You are able to mine PPC and SEO information, and apply it to a strategy or campaign of yours in a jiffy. Moreover, you can check out the ranking of the sites on tools such as Google and Alexa in an instant.

keyword research

In addition, you also get to see other SEM or PPC and SEO relevant ratings for the site such as Nofollow links and directory information, and their rankings in other countries or regions: really specific information that could be the telling detail in your campaign.

keyword research

Brace yourselves now, people—keyword research and tracking has just taken the next step. And with this new wave of in-depth SEM or PPC and SEO research; bidding and ranking for keywords has just upped its ante a bit more.


Another Blogger said...

Great Post! Thanks for the information. I wonder if we all need this kind of software?

yooray said...

well friend..very well written. I appreciate ur work ! keep it up!
I think i must try this now...
thanks! for letting me know about this seo plugin.

Ron Abagnale said...

@Another Blogger,
Thanks also for your insight. Really sorry for the late reply..
Anyway, to answer your question, it'll really be helpful for people like us, especially when we're creating our own website, and using a lot of SEO tips and PPC tips. Traffic is what a website needs, and by finding out the sites that have the most traffic using this SEO PPC plugin, we can get ideas of our own in improving our website traffic through the use of keywords.

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