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KeywordSpy Tracking: Spy On Your Competitors On More Than One Search Engine

While Google is top dog in search engines, it doesn’t completely rule the world. You still have the two other major players: Yahoo and Bing. And your competitor may not just be advertising in your Google. So you would want to figure out how they are faring in systems keyword tools hardly come across.

This gives KeywordSpy Tracking the upper hand among keyword tracking tools. It scours all search engines for all the keywords that your competitors use, and how these keywords are used in the broader spectrum of the industry. Thus, it gives you the option whether or not to compete in another search engine where the competitor is not advertising.

For example, we come across the keyword of a competitor showing up in this search engine, but not on another search engine (

This provides us with insightful information. It may mean one of two things: Either the competitor wasn’t convinced that the keyword was profitable in one search engine so he chose not to bid there, or he inadvertently did not bid there.

In that case, you can possibly grab the opportunity to move in to the unused search engine (in this case, Bing) to extend your campaign. In doing so, you should be prepared for a risk that your campaign may not also succeed due to limited visibility. And probably your competitor would know that for a fact.

Either way, that valuable information was revealed to you through the power of KeywordSpy Tracking. And this is information that is a strong catalyst of a more competitive strategy for your campaign. It gives you an informed decision on whether to engage or not engage a competitor in a certain millieu. At the same time, it relieves you of the burden that you would normally undertake in carrying this task out, and leaves you to the analysis part—the only part in your whole SEM exercise that you would mind going to.


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