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KeywordSpy Tracking—Keywords Hold The Key To Your Success

People have often asked why for the KeywordSpy Tracking feature, the first thing entered into the system is keywords, and not domains. If you count yourself among those lost individuals, consider yourself lucky at this very moment, as you shall get enlightenment as to how keywords form the basis of this tracking tool.

Let us start you off with this thought: It is easy to pinpoint competitors just by the mere basis of their merchandise. The question is, are they really your competitors when it comes to the keywords they input into their site?

To go head to head with people jostling for a good position on the search engines, you need to cover them all by using the keywords you yourself would use. Most likely, you have entered keywords in your site already.

So on that thought, we now list the reasons why the KeywordSpy Tracking Tool would ask you to put in keywords first, before you discover the competitor domains:

  • It lets you narrow down from general to specific.

Think of keywords as pieces to forming a puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, then you get the big picture.

The same principle applies to the KeywordSpy Tracking Tool. You pinpoint the competitors for the same keywords that you are real time, so it erases doubts that such companies may hardly be your competitors.

For example, you have a diet help website. You’re almost certain about a particular list of competitors. The ones you have been monitoring for the longest time; pre- Tracking, are the following:

Healthy eating
Six pack abs
Low carb diet
Weight loss tips
Weight loss surgery

But since KeywordSpy Tracking requires that you put in keywords first, you heed that call. From your own experience in building the site, you enter the keywords you yourself used for it in the Create Campaign tab:

keyword tracking

You then activate the campaign, and wait for a few hours. It is in this time that the system tracks the keywords down among the countries and search engines you specified through the Create Campaign tab. In doing so, it unlocks the domains using these keywords:

keyword tracking

  • It sets the pace for unlocking more keywords.

Using KeywordSpy to track keywords will trigger a ripple effect in the site; as it will also index the keywords these domains use. These keywords will be shown in the Keyword Suggestion Tool tab—whose main function is showing keywords your competitors use and you are not currently using--and you have the option whether to ad these new keywords or not.

For our diet website case, we are offered the following options:

Amazing, isn’t it? So how do we describe the above picture? As one great poet used to say, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

One more thing: While not obviously stated, it matters that you have a knowledge of keyword optimality before placing in your keywords in the KeywordSpy Tracking module. If a keyword may be too expensive to bid on, you may think twice before adding it in your own campaign. The KeywordSpy Research tool can help you with that, by giving you metrics such as the cost of bidding on the keyword, the ROI, etc.

By using keywords as a starting point for the Tracking module, KeywordSpy becomes wonderful and user-friendly as a keyword tool. With KeywordSpy Tracking, keywords will be the keys to your success.


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